Our Mission

To keep our clients building, project after project, year after year.

Our Clients

In commercial construction, we represent owners, general contractors, construction management firms, subcontractors, material and equipment suppliers, and sureties. This broad range of clients gives us a unique ability to see construction project issues from many different angles.

In residential construction, we represent both homeowners and builders.

Our Strength and Focus

We are a boutique law firm laser-focused on the “problem” project.

Clients tend to forget that while they are busy completing project after project, on time and on budget, our days are spent helping our other clients navigate the “problem” projects. Through no fault of their own, the companies we represent become entangled in design or constructability issues, delays and scheduling disputes, defects, payment or change order disputes, subcontractor performance problems, nonconforming goods or equipment — the list goes on and on.

With our many years in the trenches and deep industry knowledge, we are primed and ready to assist any client in need of prompt, practical legal advice and counseling for their specific issues.

Our Pitch

If you are a company or individual in the construction industry that wants an accessible, attentive law firm that provides sound guidance and can devise effective strategies to address the issues and problems you encounter on your projects, call us at (484) 359-7323 or contact us online for a free consultation.

We want to be your lawyers for the lifetime of your business – not just one case.

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