Venzie Construction Law Sponsors the 16th Annual Brian Houshower Lacrosse Festival

Venzie Construction Law is honored to sponsor the 16th Annual Brian Houshower Lacrosse Festival this Saturday, October 26, 2019 at Downingtown East High School.  The Downingtown West Boys Lacrosse Team and their families are honored to organize and run this annual festival.  In 2003, Brian was a sophomore at Downingtown High School looking forward to playing varsity lacrosse later that spring.  Unfortunately, that never happened.  On November 10th of that year, Brian tragically lost his life while riding as a passenger in a car on the way home from school with some friends.  The entire Downingtown community was shocked and heartbroken by his death.  The annual Lacrosse Festival is in Brian’s honor, extends our continued support of his family, and reminds us all that Brian’s passion for life, love of family and friends, and ready smile for all, are qualities we all should strive for each and every day.  Make Today Count! 

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